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  • St. Louis 2009

    (Original Post: June 23, 2010)

    Hosted by: Lyle Tuttle
    811 North 9th Street
    Downtown St. Louis, MO
    November 2009

    Day One
    I arrived in St. Louis via the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. I enjoy this airport. It's easy to navigate with adequate signage and if you're traveling alone your one set of eyes is fine. You can catch the Metrolink right at the airport; just follow the signs. For this tattoo convention it is the most cost effective way to reach the hotel. It costs a couple of bucks as opposed to $40 for a cab and that isn't including tip.
    This first day consisted of wandering around, shaking off the traveling, and orienting myself for the chaos that makes up a convention. I ran into Michelle Legg and Bill DeMichele in the lobby as they ran off to collect the trophies for the show. I took myself out for a well deserved lunch at Mosiac. I love this place and return to it every year. They have an amazing soup that tastes just like vanilla pudding.
    Bill had invited me to join everyone for dinner later that night. I thought I had missed it since I took a nap (which was well needed), and upon waking, looked at the clock which was displaying the wrong time. Thinking I missed dinner, I went down to the hotel bar and ate there. While sitting there after I started to eat and I heard them say the correct time....oooppppssss! The food was fine but I would have rather been in the company of my friends.
    Carlena Myers, my roommate and booth partner for the weekend arrived around 10 and we went over to the Flamingo Bowl for a late night snack and bowling. We of course went to bed late staying up talking shop and life in general.

    Day Two
    We slept in since we knew that wouldn't be happening for the rest of the weekend. We decided to make use of the public bus system and get ourselves over to the museum which was having an exhibit on Japanese screens. I'm so used to Manhattan and the size of the Met that I was surprised at how small this museum was but their collection wasn't lacking and you don't need days to explore it all; just a couple of hours is adequate.
    That night we had the welcome party at the hotel bar. Judy ParkerSharon BrouseBob Tyrrell, Pia, Dave Martinez, Loco T, Lisa Schmoldt, and others were all in attendance.

    Day Three
    After the show we all piled into a car for a bumpy ride over to the Iron Barley for dinner. Danny had just seen it on an episode of Man vs. Food on the night before he boarded his flight. He was so stoked to go there that he kept showing everyone the clip on his phone. I love food too so it was fun to see him so excited about this place. Bob, Corey, Tony, Danny, a girl whose name I can't remember and myself dug into a Monte Cristo Double Dog as our appetizer that normally you couldn't get me near. The combo seems so nuts but it tasted really good; sweet and salty, and for one not in possession of a sweet tooth, I could only handle one big bite. For my entree I had the Hot Smoked Salmon. The boys had just hunks of meat. Each portion allowed for a doggie bag, some choose to eat all at the table but I took away my leftovers. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals and I think we might have ordered dessert but I can't recall through my food buzz and stuffed belly. I will be going back next year :)

    Day Four
    This night's afterparty was held at a bar that had an outdoor firepit area; it was a pretty sweet set up. I can't remember the name of this establishment (I need to go back through my paperwork for the show).

    Day Five
    The last day of the show ran late for me but not as late as Dave and Bob. I was starved after my booth was packed up. I lasted until the Teddy Scares guys had their stuff packed up, so we joined Carlena, Judy, Sharon, and others at the Blue Note, a dive bar around the corner from the hotel. The food was great! And the band that was playing that night let the Teddy Scares sit in with them.

    Day Six
    In the morning I actually had breakfast in the hotel's recently renovated restaurant instead of grabbing food from the bar and eating it in my booth. I drank a whole pot of coffee with my eggs to pull me through my train ride, flight, and ride home so I could just collapse into my bed at home.

    Until next time, travel with a light heart,
    Caroline :)